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Best Table Tennis Paddle

A Review of Three Best Ping Pong Paddles in 2017

The top recreational players who play ping pong regularly use Palio Expert 2, STIGA Evolution or Killerspin table tennis paddles.  All these paddles are pre assembled. And have close to perfect reviews on Amazon. I think, with any of these top ping pong paddles, you will play superbly well.  Do not buy $10-$20 paddles that you see in specialty or toy stores if you plan to play with the paddle regularly. They are not any good, I recommend buying a great quality paddle for $40-$100. Also on the higher-end, for a professional paddle, one can easily spend $400 plus the cost of glue for forehand and backhand rubbers. You don’t want to overpay that much until you use an intermediate level paddles described below.  My favorite is STIGA Evolution, on the internet semi-professional players couldn’t tell the difference between that paddle and a custom made paddle.  That’s a great sign, in my opinion. In the table below, you can find the links to the lowest price for each of these paddles.

Image (Click to get to Amazon)Ping Pong Paddle Name (Click to get to Amazon)PriceOur Rating
best low cost ping pong paddlePalio Expert 2 $4.0/5.0
best medium cost ping pong paddleSTIGA Evolution$$4.5/5.0
best ping pong paddle period!Killerspin JET800 Speed $$5.0/5.0


Here are testimonials for each of the top quality paddles:

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case (total 75 4.5 star reviews): Verified Purchaser’s Review: 

“Exactly what I paid for! This beats the other inexpensive table tennis rackets out there by far. I found reviews online and determined I did not want a cheap option from the major US manufacturers. This Palio racket is great, super sticky for spin, not too fast and I get great control from it. I would highly recommend this option for those looking to learn control and increase level of play.”  My commentary:  Great entry level paddle.

STIGA Evolution (total 475, 4.5 star reviews): Verified Purchaser’s Review:

“I live in a fraternity house with about 65 people and one member’s parents donated a ping pong table to the house. Many people began playing very frequently and I can definitely say that purchasing this paddle has allowed me to develop my game significantly. The touch on the ball is very accurate. The spin ability the paddle has is impressive, while still being easy to control. Velocity is strong. Best paddle I’ve ever owned.”  My commentary: For a frat boy to come out of his drunken nights and write this review for a paddle, it says a lot in my opinion.

Killerspin Jet 800(total 175, 4.5 star reviews): Verified Purchaser’s Review:

I have been playing ping pong for a number of years including competitive for a couple of years ( about 15 years ago). Having owned at least dozen paddles of different brands, I must say Killerspin paddles provide best value for money and JET 800 is great performance paddle in their line up. This paddle is fast (more suited to offensive style) but provides great control as well. I recently switched to JET800 from butterfly SCS 5000 and it provides same performance for 1/4 the cost.  My commentary:  This is an almost a professional level paddle, in my opinion.  Not bad at all for the price.


A how-to on finding the best ping pong paddles?

When it comes to the thought of household sports there are few activities that make the claim of being globally accepted like table tennis. Made widespread through the various powerful displays this sport has had within the Olympics, table tennis could be a sport which will be enjoyed by friends, family, and competitors. It’s a low impact sport that appeals to many since it represents one of the few lifetime sports that may be participated in at virtually any age.

For the people who regularly participate in the game of table tennis, either for fun or competition, many are constantly trying for ways in which to enhance their game. The expression of getting the correct tool for the duty has rang true for many years and this is often even true for sports like table tennis. Many individuals take the ping pong paddle with no consideration but few explore how this primary tool will help or hurt your table tennis playing ability.

When looking at a professional ping pong paddle you’ll be able to break it down to 3 main components, the rubber, the blade and the handle. One of the primary mistakes that people create when choosing their ping pong paddle is with choosing a paddle that has been preassembled. These generic ping pong paddles supply nothing to the tennis table player except a disposable possibility after they recognize that the ping pong paddles are going to be abused.

When it comes to rubber, it usually encompasses a shelf life of one year. When you buy a manufactured ping pong paddle you can’t understand how long the paddle has been within the warehouse, how long it’s been in transit or how long it’s been at the store. Several manufactured ping pong paddles that are purchased have rubber that has already gone past its lifetime, hampering the paddles ability to play.

The following feature of the professional ping pong paddle is found in the blade or the apparatus that the rubber will eventually adhere to. When you observe any sport there is typically a nice deal of effort that is placed into what different shapes, sizes, and weights will do for a player. Baseball bats come in varied shapes sizes and weights because they have to be tailored to the player’s preferences so as to achieve the best results from use.

Professional ping pong paddles work in the identical method since every player features a totally different stroke, has different hand strength and has different arm speed. The generic, one size fits all options connected to manufacture ping pong paddles will only serve to hinder your playing abilities.

Best Ping Pong Paddles – Things to Consider Before Buying One

Ping Pong or Table Tennis as it is otherwise known is a popular sport amongst different age groups. If you have decided to take up the sport, be it for recreational purposes or as a professional decision, the first step in your journey will be to purchase a Ping-Pong paddle. A trip to any sports goods store will turn up a number of Ping Pong paddles but in order to be satisfied with your purchase, you need to make the right decision. A good paddle is essential to the game and most beginners tend to get confused about which brand to opt for and what make will suit their skills better. While buying a ping pong paddle you need to decide upon the kind of blade you want your paddle to have, the rubber covering the blade, the grip of the paddle and much more. In this article, we share some tips with you on how to make the right choice while purchasing your very own Ping Pong paddle.

Before purchasing a paddle you must decide what kind of blade you want to use. Since there is a wide range of blade types available in the market it can be a challenge choosing one. Instead of picking out something fanciful or immediately closing in on the most advertised brand, we advise you to pick a reliable model from a sports company that is known for quality. When you are just starting out it is important to be careful that you don’t buy a blade that is either too fast or too slow for you to control. Being able to control you game should be your first prerogative. Manufacturers such as Donic and Butterfly are known to provide good blades for starters.

The next thing you need to consider is the type of handle the paddle should have. One can choose between straight, flared, conic or anatomic handles. While different kinds of handles are designed specifically for different kinds of serves and shots, when you are starting out the focus should be on finding one that feels good in your hand and allows you a comfortable grip.

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is to invest in a ready made paddle. Ready made paddles already have the rubber covers slipped onto the blade. As rubber degrades rather quickly, if the paddle you purchase is not one of the recent stock, your paddle will become faulty very soon after you buy it. Since you will not be able to discern between new and old stock so early into the game, our advice is that you have the paddle outfitted with a brand new rubber cover in front of you.

What Are The Three Best Ping Pong Paddles in The Market Today

1. Low Cost: Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case

best low cost ping pong paddle

Click here to find the lowest price on Amazon

One of the most popular tables tennis bats for beginners is the Palio Expert 2. This is the bat I regularly prescribe to tenderfoot players who I mentor. It has a high rating on Amazon.

As there is a great deal of enthusiasm for this bat, I thought I would compose a survey. I also have a Palio Expert 2 table tennis bat, which I sometimes use in guiding sessions with amateurs. As I’ve had numerous hours of playing time with the bat, I feel all around put to give my expert view.

So here are my musings. To begin with, how about we take a gander at the positives.

1. Great control

The Palio Expert 2 is anything but difficult to play with. Yes, the bat is quicker and spinnier than the truly modest table tennis bats (which cost under $20), however, it is one moment and spinny that it is wild.

This is fundamental for amateurs. When you’re figuring out how to play table tennis, you’re system and touch clearly won’t be completely created. You require a bat which gives you some room for mistakes if you’re stroke isn’t exactly right. The super quick and spinny bats are exceptionally unforgiving – get the stroke or timing somewhat wrong and the ball just flies long, high or wide. The Palio Expert 2 is a great deal more controllable.

I sometimes mentor with my Palio Expert 2 bat and I do see a difference with the control contrasted with my typical Butterfly Tenergy 05 and Yasaka Rakza 7 rubbers. At the point when my strategy isn’t exactly ideal with Tenergy 05 and Rakza 7, the ball tends to miss the table. Be that as it may, with the Palio Expert 2, the ball arrives on the table a great deal more regularly.

Obviously, the solution is to have the better strategy. Be that as it may, this requires some serious energy, particularly for learners. So as you’re figuring out how to play it’s decent to have a bat which helps you out when you don’t exactly get your stroke right.

2. Spinny rubbers

Despite the fact that the Palio Expert 2 is slower and more controllable than a top range bat, you can even now create a lot of turns.

The elastic is extremely cheap, so it truly grasps the ball. With this bat, you’re ready to do spinny serves, substantial reverse-pivot pushes, and some entirely not too bad topspin shots. I get a kick out of the chance to do heaps of circles against reverse-pivot balls when I play and this is shockingly simple with this bat, considering the shabby cost contrasted with my typical bat.

So this is a table tennis bat which can develop with you. If you’re an apprentice, you will most likely be unable to play every one of the strokes yet, yet ideally, you’ll be figuring out how to do them. You’ll have the capacity to do any stroke with this bat when the time comes, and this bat will help you create from an amateur player to a moderate player.

3. Not too slow, but not too fast

The Palio Expert 2 has the perfect measure of speed. Contrasted with truly shabby and dead bat it will feel quick. Contrasted with a top of the range bat it will feel moderate. The speed of this bat is somewhere in the middle. You can hit quick shots, yet it doesn’t feel wild.

I discovered it very simple to get some great speed on my shots. I needed to utilize somewhat more energy to accomplish an indistinguishable speed from my standard rubbers, however, it has enough oomph to fulfill any beginner.

So if you jump at the chance to play quick shots you will have the capacity to, without the understanding of control.

4. Good bat for developing correct technique

Most modest paddles (under $20) have dead elastic. It’s difficult to create many turns with these bats – or you need to truly overstate your strokes to get anything out of them. Therefore, players who utilize the truly shoddy bats for a really long time frequently create the poor system to adjust for the low quality elastic. They then battle to advance onto a superior quality bat as it plays altogether different to the shoddy bat.

The considerable thing about the Palio Expert 2 is that it is anything but difficult to grow great strategy when utilizing it. The bat is not an impediment to your advance. It will help you improve as a player.

When you move to better than beginner level you should move up to a fast and spinnier bat. With this bat, it won’t feel enormously different. It will be a simple upgrade.

When I mentor with this bat, I totally overlook it’s not my typical bat following a couple of minutes. When I change to my other bat, it truly isn’t a gigantic difference.

5. Price

The cost of the Palio Expert 2 is great. Alright, you can discover less expensive bats, yet overall, they’re bad. What’s more, there are numerous more costly bats, some of which cost over $400!

When you’re an apprentice, you don’t have to spend heaps of cash on a table tennis bat. The truly costly bats are probably going to be too quick to control, so won’t really be extremely useful.

Be that as it may, you would prefer not to spend too little either. The truly modest bats are shoddy for a reason – they’re bad. If you spend more by purchasing a Palio Expert 2, you improve quality rubbers and a free bat case!  It won’t burn up all available resources and you will have something fair to play with.


We should take a gander at the negatives. I’m truly attempting to think of anything!

I assume if you’ve played with an exceptionally shoddy bat for quite a while, you’ll likely discover the Palio Expert 2 considerably speedier and it might take you a while to adjust. Be that as it may, it’s just £30 so it’s not a costly oversight if you don’t care for it.

Furthermore, if you as of now play at a transitional standard, you’ll likely discover the bat too moderate, so it won’t be the best decision for you.

Be that as it may, for the learner player, it truly is a decent decision.


So in conclusion, the Palio Expert 2 is an awesome table tennis bat for tenderfoot players. It’s anything but difficult to control the ball, however, you can at present create a lot of turn and speed. This bat will make it simple to create redress system and when you redesign it will be a simple move. The cost is awesome. I completely prescribe.

Buying guide

You can purchase the Palio Expert 2 table tennis bat on Amazon in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, and France.

2. Medium Cost: STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

best medium cost ping pong paddle

Check price on Amazon

The STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket is a special ping pong paddle. As an organization that has associations with organizations in more than 100 nations, STIGA has been a pioneer in the realm of ping pong gear for more than 70 years. Their oars are absolutely all around planned and built to be the best oars on the planet, utilizing their own composite innovation that we’ll go further into in this audit. The Evolution is on the upper level of STIGA’s oar offerings available today, just beneath the Pro Carbon, which is their world class execution paddle. They rank their oars high on the scale, and there is a reason why. Everything about built and composed.

For one thing, we should start with the essentials. They have used a flaring handle, which enhances the client’s control over the oar, counteracting pointless slips amid play. (If you need to find out about different sorts of handles, see our ping pong paddle control). Inside the handle, which STIGA calls the Concave Pro, they have put a gap that enhances affectability, enabling players to truly feel each strike and resonation. This enables clients to control the subtleties that are such an immense piece of the amusement. This is only one thing that they do to enhance their sharp edges. They’ve set a fascinating innovation they call the Shock Dispersion Technology, which is a tube innovation that was created by STIGA to absorb a greater amount of the vibrations and stun from the handle and move it to whatever remains of the oar, prompting a more controlled shot.

The general oar measures 6 oz. The sharp edge without the elastic comprises of 6 employs of wood, which are intended to be to a great degree light. This light sharp edge weight helps players enhance their recuperation time in the wake of striking the ping pong ball, which enhances the response time between shots. Only a brief instant faster regarding recuperation in ping pong can give players a significantly preferred standpoint in such a quick paced brandish. Keeping in mind the end goal to further build adequacy of their cutting edges, STIGA utilizes Crystal Technology that is utilized as a part of the request to expand the hardness in the surface of the sharp edge, expanding the speed at which the edge can be swung. Incorporated with the cutting edge is STIGA’s Weight Balance Technology, which is composed so that the adjust of the edge shifts to the point of contact with the ball. This is an exceptionally thought little of the highlight of the Evolution, one that pushes it to the cutting edge of ping pong paddles. Enhancing the adjust of the oar implies that players have an expanded level of control over every single shot. The craftsmanship and consideration that STIGA provides for the points of interest on their oars is staggering and is something that ought to be valued.

We should move onto the elastic. If you believed that the innovation they build into their cutting edges is stunning, hold up until you find out about their rubbers. Obviously, STIGA utilizes rubbers that are ITTF affirmed for competition play. The wipe on the Evolution measures in at 2mm. STIGA has utilized their excellent elastic on this oar, which is produced using nano-composite innovation that makers significantly more grounded and water/air proof bonds in the elastic, bringing about an expansion in speed and turn. Moreover, STIGA also utilizes minute air-cases in the ultralight elastic to build the speed a lot, while keeping up huge flexibility to enhance control. What’s more, the best news? The elastic can be expelled once it has lost its grasp and flexibility, and later supplanted with another elastic. Sadly, there is no specific elastic number for the one that comes joined to the Evolution, however, STIGA gives a plenty of elastic decisions accessible for you to coordinate your playing style and further enhance execution.

Generally, STIGA positions the Evolution’s execution high. They rank their speed at a 96, their turn at a 94, and their control at a 90. If you are an apprentice or genuinely new to the amusement, this oar will take some time getting balanced, yet it will last. Each part of your amusement will enhance because of the outline. This oar is prescribed for aggressive play, so it might be somewhat expensive for newcomers. If you need to quit fooling around in the game, this is an incredible one, to begin with. The assembling is on point, the building is the choice. Despite what level you play at, avoid the oars that accompany the table for $30, and fork out only a tad bit more money for a superb oar that will keep going quite a while.

3. High cost: Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

best ping pong paddle period!

Buy it on Amazon

The Killerspin Jet 800 table tennis oar is a top of the line pre-amassed racket intended for the middle of the road to cutting edge players. It’s a greatly prevalent premium racket since it consolidates the brilliant Nitrix-4Z elastic with a ultralight cutting edge that has two carbon layers.

This ITTF-endorsed racked incorporates Killerspin’s top notch side tape innovation which makes the racket more strong and gives it a pleasant smooth look. The incredible wipe and sharp edge of the JET800 enable you to produce a considerable measure of speed and turn, it’s no big surprise why Killerspin’s top sponsored players, including Olympic Champion Chen Qi and US National Champion Ilija Lupulesku, utilize this racket.


• Has a 7-utilize wood sharp edge, 5 wood layers in addition to 2 carbon layers for expanded power and rivalry level execution

• It’s the lightest, most effective JET-Series racket

• ITTF affirmed, 2.0mm high strain Nitrx-4Z elastic

• Ships with an essential 30-day guarantee

• Killerspin’s Ratings out of 10: Speed 9.5, Spin 9.0, Control 8.0

Quality of Rubber

The JET800 accompanies Killerspin’s renowned Nitrix-4Z elastic that has the benefit of having the capacity to produce a considerable measure of turn, especially on serves and harder shots. While it’s primarily favorable position is having the capacity to create substantial turn with capable, driving shots, the grippy elastic top-sheet also has some protective solid focuses too. The Nitrix-4z is shockingly sympathetic while accepting high-turn shots and can offer a decent measure of control protectively.

Blade Construction

The highlight of the Killerspin Jet 800 is the nature of the edge. The sharp edge is comprised of 5 additional light wood layers and 2 layers of carbon composite material for a sum of 7 handles. The carbon layers diminish weight while adding a discernible additional unbending nature to the oar expanding its general power. Abnormally, the carbon cutting edge not just includes more power for hard-hitting, high-turn shots yet it also enables the oar to have a bigger “sweet spot” enable you to simpler absorb pummels from your rival. The layers of carbon are made with higher exactness, have better uniformity of bob and offer greater inflexibility all through the oar in this way giving you more power, less vibration and for the most part a harder vibe. Despite the fact that the carbon in the Jet 800 is consolidated with 5 layers of wood, it has observably less vibration and feels firm.

Balance and Overall Feel

The general adjust of the Jet 800 is extraordinary and designed specifically to loop and effective top-turn shots. The oar feels exceptionally lightweight however not awkwardly so. Tipping the scales at unequivocally 1.8 ounces, it unquestionably appears like it would feel peculiar in your grasp, yet it somehow feels consummately comfortable. It sits perfectly in your palm and the harmony between the ergonomic handle and the heaviness of the cutting edge is magnificent, you don’t feel the weight being circulated unequally at either end or in any one bearing.

The greatest issue with the Jet 800 is the change time of playing with a harder, more unbending racket that offers so much power. Figuring out how to control this racket can take some time, especially if you’re not used to carbon, but rather once you begin to get the hang of it feels astonishing. However, even subsequent to getting used to this oar you do lose a touch of control in return for the expanded power and turn. It drives you to play somewhat more forcefully than you typically would keeping in mind the end goal to compensate for this (which I believe is something worth being thankful for).


• Blade offers awesome speed and power

• Very great elastic offering extraordinary turn

• Solid development and great feel


• Lacks some control, takes some getting used to

• Somewhat costly


The Jet 800 is a premium pre-collected oar that exceeds expectations at improving a player’s forceful hostile amusement while not upsetting their capacity to give back their rivals shots. While it takes away some of your capacity to put the ball unequivocally where you need to, this oar more than compensates for this by giving you a gigantic increment in your capacity to put turn and speed on the ball.

It can require some investment to get used to, yet the modification time frame is well justified, despite all the trouble. In the wake of figuring out how to control this oar, your amusement will be raised to another level and you’ll think about how you at any point played without the Jet 800’s two carbon layers.

I hope you like this review of best ping pong paddles.  We have also reviewed best ping pong robots and best ping pong tables.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy our website for various table tennis equipment. We review everything from table tennis balls, Joola Tennis equipment, Table tennis tables, Stiga table tennis tables, outdoor tables,  indoor table tennis tables, and nets. Most of the equipment, we cover is geared for recreational players. High-end or professional equipment tends to be made by Butterfly. Butterfly tables can cost up to $2000 and they have a thickness of up to 25mm. The extra thickness gives the ball a great bounce. Butterfly paddles can cost $300-$400 just for the blade.  In addition, you have to buy a rubber sheet or sponge as they call it. Professional players like Timo Boll and Jike Zhang tend to use their own branded materials. Timo Boll ping pong blade is one of the most popular professional blades in the market.


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