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Best Table Tennis Table under $500

Best Table Tennis Table under $500

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Top recreational players use JOOLA Inside 15mm and that’s a fact, people. How do I know this? It is because I read over 3000 4.5 stars reviews they have posted regarding this table on Amazon. That makes Joola 15mm the best ping pong table under $500 (actually well under $500). You can fake ten reviews but you can not fake three thousand positive verified reviews on Amazon.

I must admit, at this low price point, this table does not meet the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) standard of professional table tennis table but who cares it’s well under $500 and is not heavy and is very easy to assemble. I have been playing on this table for five years and I didn’t care to know that:-) And you won’t either!  That’s because it’s 1/5th the price of an ITTF approved table (say the Butterfly Centrefold 25, I know I know that’s a hilarious name for a professional table tennis table). While this is not a professional grade table, I do not recommend going below this price point as quality will suffer. The best place to get the lowest price is on Amazon. Yes, I checked the price on Walmart and some sporting goods stores, the price was lower on Amazon.

Best Table Tennis Table under $500

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Here is a quote from one Amazon reviewer on this table tennis table:

“So after researching every table out there for $500 or less, I decided on the Joola Inside, and I’m VERY pleased. First of all, assembly was simple… this is a big deal if you are aware of all the horror story reviews out there regarding assembly of similarly priced tables. It comes almost completely assembled, all you have to do is assemble the wheel brackets. A piece of cake. It very well made, and extremely solid. It’s a 2-piece table, so none of the mismatch concerns that plague some of the 4-piece tables (beware the 4-piece tables!). The two halves line up perfectly. Very easy to roll and fold up for storage. Can’t imagine why you’d need more unless you absolutely must have a thicker surface (a legitimate concern for advanced players, but not for the average recreational player). Low price, but in no way says “cheap”. Highly recommended!!!Normally the people think that the main criteria to consider when buying a new ping pong table have mostly listed as “

And this is only one of the three thousand 4.5 star reviews for this table and they all read very similarly.


What are the features of this Joola Inside Table Tennis Table?

This Joola table is an indoor table.  This is a regulation dimensioned table with 15mm playing surface thickness, 1.5inch diameter legs and it has rust prevention coating.  The only negative point as mentioned is that it does not have the ITTF approved playing surface thickness but that’s fine for recreational players.  And the positive that comes from that is that the price is 80% lower than what it would cost you to buy an ITTF approved table.  You will not find a better table under $500.


  • This is a competition ready 9×5 foot regulation size indoor table tennis table and net set perfect for your home, office or community center.  JOOLA is an official brand for the US ping pong team. 
  • As per Amazon reviews, it takes 20-minutes to set up this table.  Simply attached the eight bolts.
  • It has a 15mm thickness with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for a decent bounce. It has a mechanism to adjust the height to make sure you have a level playing surface. 
  • If you have not noticed, it comes with wheels and it’s got two halves.  That makes it easy to transport and storing it away when you need the space. 
  • By far and I mean by far the coolest feature of this table is that it allows you to play solo by folding one-half up.  That’s a lot of fun.
  • The standard setup also allows you play beer pong.  In fact, I claim this is the best table for playing beer pong.


In summary, this is a quality and I mean a quality table for the price you’re paying. It is the best ping pong table under $500 (click here for the lowest price on Amazon). It doesn’t meet the ITTF regulation requirement because of the 15mm playing surface but it does meet mine and yours budget requirement of being under $500.

As you may have noticed, this website reviews all kind of table tennis equipment. Products reviewed here include table tennis conversion tops, table tennis bats, nets, table tennis covers, folding tables, table tennis robots, various table tennis racquet sponges, and rubber sheets.  Simply stated, we love the table tennis game! I hope you also check out our review of the fantastic STIGA ping pong racket under $50.  We have also covered some of the best table tennis balls here.  This qualifies as an indoor table tennis table, for outdoor table tennis set, see here.
Here is a cool youtube video for this Joola Inside Table Tennis table:


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