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Industry leaders STIGA have struck gold yet again with their new best table tennis paddle for intermediate player! The brand’s stature as one of ping pong’s leading brands is further solidified with their product, the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket. Get your hands on this one of a kind racket that is ITTF certified and will have you competing with the pros in no time! Harness your abilities as an intermediate level player and transform your game overnight!

Do you always struggle to hit your sweet spot on a table tennis racket? Get the solution to losing every never-ending rally with this new table tennis weapon out on the market today! With this racket, you can play faster than the average joe and play amazing attacking table tennis. Prepare to be the talk of the town as you triumph over other table tennis players!

Why consider buying anything else? With a brand like STIGA, one thing is for sure, you are purchasing elite-level quality. Take a look at STIGA’s official website for members of team STIGA who are some of the top-ranked athletes in table tennis world! No wonder they are the official suppliers of the Chinese and Swedish national teams! Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs that will only hurt your game and purchase from the most credible name in the sport of table tennis; STIGA. Become a part of an elite tennis brant, STIGA table tennis today!

This paddle is specially designed for the intermediate players who are serious about their game and looking to gain an advantage in competition while also being sure that it is tournament approved by the ITTF. This racket also has the durability to withstand the demands of tournament competition.Check it out on special offer for the lowest price on Amazon here! Don’t take it from us, take it from our very satisfied customers!

The best table tennis paddle for intermediate players from the players themselves!


This is the best paddle I have ever used. I’ve been playing my whole life and while I’m no pro, I have the game. The paddle honestly has made my game better. The power is excellent and the spins are incredible. Control is great but takes a little getting used to as the power is tremendous and backing more off the table is a must ( in my humble opinion). Love this paddle and highly recommend it to any good table tennis player. Enjoy!!’

I love this paddle. I’m an intermediate player but feel that this will last me for a long time. It’s heavier than you’d imagine and compared to other paddles the handle is just a tad shorter, but it plays extremely well balanced and accurate. I like it more than the Evolution model, which is lighter but I feel a tad less accurate. Pro Carbon is a great paddle to have and I see it’s cheaper now than when I bought it. Go for it.”

Your search for the perfect paddle has come to an end with STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket. Continue reading to for the full product specifications to know the insides and out of this one of kind table tennis bat.


Click here to see the lowest price on Amazon


Product Specifications – What makes the STIGA Pro Table Tennis Racket the best table tennis paddle for intermediate players?

Before we even get to the specifics of this product that make it so great, the most striking thing about it is first and foremost the brand, STIGA. STIGA has a reputation for excellence in the table tennis world with pro athletes, competitive amateurs, and even leisure and recreational players as part of their customer base. This Sweden based global brand has been making elite quality table tennis equipment and accessories for over 70 years! They have seen it all and it shows in the product they produce.

STIGA is synonymous with the word table tennis as they produce everything from table tennis balls, table tennis blades, table tennis bats, ping pong tables, table tennis tables, table tennis nets, etc. They have long been a world leader in this sport, and like the proverbial table tennis smash, they squash other table tennis brands. This racket is perfect for your school’s tennis championships or just for your everyday tale tennis training.

While some might be quick to argue that there are plenty of cheaper brands out there, none can match the quality that you have when you get your hands on a STIGA. It is an investment into your table tennis game that tells everyone that you are serious about your ping pong. Few brands boast the amount of credibility that STIGA carries, and when you purchase a STIGA you immediately feel the difference. with this. Such is the excellence and precision of STIGA.

The first feature of this product is that it is a performance-level table tennis racket. STIGA has taken its first-hand experience with top-level athletes and produced a racket especially meant for the intermediate player! This means this racket is meant for the rigours of tournament play and will have you knocking out the competition with a killer backhand in no time. With this racket, you have the edge over your opponents! Don’t worry, this advantage is completely legal as the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket uses ITTF approved rubber!

Another feature of this paddle is that it uses the same technology that can be found in a multi-million dollar Formula 1 car! It uses carbon technology making it lightweight while still giving you power and speed needed to eliminate the competition. Get ready to add extra power and control to your topspin! The paddle also features an ultra-thin 7-ply extra light blade, S5  table tennis rubber, and 2mm sponge, ensuring you the best racket on the floor giving you that extra bounce! Here is a further breakdown of the paddle’s performance ratings:

Performance Ratings:

Speed: 99

Spin: 100

Control: 80

Is it the Best Table Tennis Paddle for Intermediate Players? The Verdict: YES!

This is without a doubt the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player in the market all around. The STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket is clearly at the cream of the crop when it comes to performance level ping pong paddles. The speed and power that it provides, makes everyday players look like Olympic gold medalists.  Yet, STIGA’s dedication to their craft meant they were able to produce a bat for the mass market that gives intermediate players a huge advantage without breaking international standards as this paddle is ITTF approved.

You can never go wrong when you buy STIGA and once again they pulled off producing the near-impossible feat of perfecting the pingpong paddle. While other brands boast about their affordability, with a STIGA paddle you boast elite-level performance and let your game do the talking for you. So what are you waiting for get your STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket now and watch the pile of flattened ping pong balls left in your wake grow! With STIGA you are on the path to the world championships.



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