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We take a closer look at yet another piece of technological marvel from Butterfly in this Butterfly Amicus Advance Review. The Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot is a training robot engineered to sharpen your ping pong game. This training machine can deliver a training regiment tailor fitted to where you need to make improvements in your paddle game. Don’t trust cheaper brands with this complex piece of machinery, with Butterfly you can be confident with the quality of your machine.

Butterfly is one of the most highly regarded brands in the table tennis world and rightfully so. This brand has been a bastion of excellence when it comes to producing premium quality ping pong equipment and table tennis accessories. It’s no wonder that the success of this brand helped kickstart the ravaged Japanese economy after the Second World War. Such is the reputation of these equipment giants, that their products are ITTF approved.

You only have to look at the few names that endorse Butterfly to know that you are dealing with the best. Professional table tennis athletes such as Alexey Livenstov of Russia, Chiang Peng-Lun of Chinese-Taipei, and Patrick Franziska of Germany are all proud users of their table tennis bats, paddles, grips, rubbers, balls, blades, tables and countless other table tennis equipment. So why would you want to put your trust on anyone else? The Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot is clearly the stand out option in the market and you can be assured that this brand is ITTF approved. Keep on reading to learn more about it in this Butterfly Amicus Advance review and get it on special offer from Amazon here and continue reading on to hear what players have said about it!

Customer testimonials for the Butterfly Amicus Advance Review

Perfect robot. Multiple and powerful functions.

~ scenery163 https://www.megaspin.net/store/default.asp?pid=b-amicus-adv

“I’m a novice but splurged on this training machine based on the extensive internet search for reviews. How can one not improve with steady, repeatable balls coming at you? I cannot comment on spin characteristics as compared to actual play, but it is obvious the machine can produce incredible spins in all planes. The design and construction seem solid and well thought out, though the programming takes a bit of head scratching – ultimately doable, but not intuitive. I’m very, very pleased overall.”

~ lambert https://www.megaspin.net/store/default.asp?pid=b-amicus-adv

Awesome robot can be programmed to do regular (2 table bounce) serve short, long in any spin, angle sequence. Durable and portable.”

~ yomec https://www.megaspin.net/store/default.asp?pid=b-amicus-adv

Be part of this satisfied community of table tennis players and get yours now! Continue reading the Butterfly Amicus Advance Review to learn about the features of this product.

Click here to see detailed product review and find the lowest price on Amazon

Product Specification for Butterfly Amicus Advance review

As to be expected of a product from Butterfly this product is jam-packed with features and functions. This brand was formed almost immediately after the Second World War and has been in operations since. Since its beginning in 1950, Butterfly has become a global brand with regional offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Moers Germany. Its name is recognized all over the world not only because of its impressive collection of endorsers but also because they host a large number of tournaments and competitions all over the world.

Butterfly’s high standards when it comes to only using the best raw materials for their products is what sets apart from its competitors and it’s not any different with the Butterfly Amicus Advance. This product features only the finest plastic, nylon, and metal in its different components. This machine is imported all the way from Japan, the world’s electronics capital. Why consider anything else?

This machine will push your game to the limits with its adjustable spin, speed and trajectory function, giving your training more unpredictability. You can even customize entire training programs with up to 10 saveable sequences! This saves you a lot of time and gets you playing in no time! In addition, this robot’s new Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) function adjusts the ball shot interval with different speeds and spin challenging your game like no human has ever before!

The makers at Butterfly even added a Sample Setting to adjust and test the setting of any single ball delivery ensuring that you are practising the specific part of your game that you want. This table tennis robot from the future can practice all your different strokes; forehand, backhand, smash, serve or all of them! This machine will make you play table tennis like a pro playing in the world championships! This product is also upgradeable from the Amicus Advance to the Amicus Professional model and you can find the review for that here!

If this Butterfly Amicus Advance review is anything to go by, your game will never be the same after you use this machine. Read our final thoughts on this training robot in the next section!

Butterfly Amicus Advance review final thoughts

Based on everything that has been outlined in this Butterfly Amicus Advance review, this machine is clearly what is missing from your table tennis game. Butterfly has created a product that will not only improve your table tennis game but will also work out your footwork, stamina, and conditioning. In addition, this machine truly embodies the excellence that is Butterfly, made only from the world’s finest raw materials.

With all this machine can do, one must ask’ what can this machine not do? Its staggering array of features are all developed to remove repetitiveness and adds a more realistic unpredictability to your training regiment. You can also ensure that your machine is custom made for your performance with multiple customizing options. There isn’t a product on the market that can boast the same level of personalization.

Table tennis players around the world cannot stop raving about this product and based on this Butterfly Amicus Advance review, its hard not to see why. Whether you are a recreational player or a competitive player, this machine will enhance your performance and have you basking in all its glory as you triumph over your next foe. Get it on special offer on Amazon now and watch your game evolve to its most optimum level!

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