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Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot Review

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When it comes to professional table tennis robots used by players, there is no better robot than Butterfly Amicus. It’s great because it gives realistic throws and a lot of variations and throws output is very good as well. Here we review three versions of the Butterfly Amicus: Basic, Advanced and Professional. All of these robots are highly priced, if you’re looking at these robots to improve your game, we recommend purchasing the Butterfly Amicus Professional. For a good visual check out the video below.

All of these models are suitable for professionals and amateurs. I think those that will use it more often will get the most out of it. The basic use of the robot is that you can get fair play experience out side of the office hours. This robot is easy to transport, put it together and is easy to use. It weighs about 13-14 pounds and comes with a bag. This robot can throw 100 balls per minute. That means in thirty minutes you can play up to 3000 balls. It has four level adjustments so you can adjust to your next competition.

In terms of spin, this robot can throw you a top spin or a back spin or a side spin or no spin at all. The speed, spin and placement variation can be regulated by the control panel. Most importantly, there is a random function, which can allow you to scatter various settings so you can play different ball trajectories, spin, and placement randomly. The package weighs about 25 pounds and has the following dimensions 15 inches X 32 inches X 14 inches.

Amicus Pro and Advance are the only models will store programmed routines. This is quite useful. All three models (basic, advanced and professional) can be coded to do various spins and trajectories. From coaches, I hear that this model gives out the most realistic bounces and flights for each thrown ball. The professional version can change time intervals based on the previous throw. This can be quite useful and throw you off guard and practice more aggressively. Each model can throw a different variation of the spin but timing can only be changed in the professional model. The most important part is that this model comes with a recycling net, which is useful as it directs the ball in the collecting pot.

“Working with a robot can be a means of achieving greater success for many players. The increased amount of ball contacts and exercises lead to a greater level of precision, footwork, and technique.” Ping Pong Coach

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Butterfly Amicus Professional ping pong robot. The biggest reason to buy this robot is that it will improve your game by throwing realistic balls at you. This is a perfect robot and the best way to set it up, in my opinion, is to play with different shots it throws at you.

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