Divisional round betting guide: NFL 2021

Divisional round betting guide: NFL 2021

The super wild card weekend was full of action with a lot of excitement and six games. It was the underdogs who emerged as the big winner. The underdogs secured 2-4SU in six games. On the other hand, the Saints only covered against the Bears because Chicago didn’t reach an extra point. The Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams were the two underdogs who defeated their divisional rivals. It was the saints and the bills to win at home. At the same time, the teams who covered the spread were the saints and Washington. Let’s have a look at the best bets for the NFL divisional round 2021 season.


Best bets for divisional round 


Rams vs. Packers: cover spread


Due to their top-ranked offense, the Packers ended up as the best team. But as the rams come to town this weekend, they’ll be going against the league number one defense. The rams made a stellar performance against the seahawks because they held their rival to 20 points. But owing to injuries, some changes have been made. Aaron Donald is the pick for the defensive player of the year and can prove dangerous for the packers at the same time.


Ravens defeat


There are four divisional round matchups, but this one is hardest to predict because both the teams are best. There is a threat hovering around each group in the form of a dynamic, young quarterback who can win independently. But people fail to realize that defenses are the key to it. Lamar Jackson needs to be forced by the bills to throw the ball. It is prophesied that the buffalo bills will win the game. Buffalo secured 11-2 SU in this season. There is likely the possibility of snow which can significantly impact the outcome of a match.


Double-digit spread by browns


The Cleveland Browns went into Pittsburgh and beat up their bully. They let out their 10+ years of frustration in spectacular fashion last weekend. The browns also won a trip for their efforts and also for taking the best team to the NFL: the Kansas City Chiefs. It is going to be a close face-off between the two. The one who had the best run games in the NFL was Cleveland, as they emerged third in the game. The finishing of the season took place, with the Browns securing 127 rushing yards and two touchdowns. In most of the game, they were blowing out the steelers, and consequently, they didn’t need to do more.


Field goal by Bucs 


The chances of your win will increase when you are buying a half-point at 3.5+ to get Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Remember that this is a suggestion and not a push. Also, keep in mind that a late score will decide it.

It is also worth noticing that all the betting trends point to the saints covering only and not Tampa’s past.




All these betting trends reveal that the Bucs have improved a lot in the NFL divisional round, and they are trying their best to become the overall winner.