What are the most expensive ping pong table

Best ping pong table

Are u willing to spend 26,000 dollars for you ping pong table? If the answer from you is YES, then you will become the owner of the world’s most expensive ping pong table. The 11 Ravens was most real by the Avetorre Company, which has a surface price tag which ranges from 26 dollars to 48 dollars makes it as a most expensive ping pong table.

The aerodynamic design in this ping pong table which is inspired by the supersonic jets forms a super expensive table with a damage resistant melanin resin. You can remove the net used in this table and you can use it as you dining table too.

Each table from this model is handcrafted from a sustainable wood and provides a playing surface which utilizes the anti-scratch and anti-damage materials for its manufacturing with a slim design. Teak marine finishes a can also be ordered to get if you want to keep the game outdoor.

The leather trim and bold aesthetics of this table will create a design that would perfectly fit for the modern home. This table also provides a variety of colors with different styles such as black color, green color, and orange color with style like a more traditional table with a clear surface to play and strong legs to bear the weight.

Whatever you prefer the designs are all more akin to the pieces of the furniture than game tables. The 11 Ravens from Avettore is also available like a solid wood piece with your own choices of species and color agents.

The 11 Ravens are fully about the customization, so that don’t hesitate to get personal with your ping pong table design. An invisible draw also builds into the end of the table for storing the rackets and balls within the table.

The fluidly and aerodynamic nature of the Lucite creates a movement of this table as an art, with leather accents for reinforce stability and fit the model as a centerpiece in any of the settings. This table is a visual collation and ultimate contemporary showpiece for your home.

This table is a striking statement piece which will effortlessly enhance any one’s home or office or a retail shop. This 11 Ravens can be able to transform into a chic dining table or an additional brilliant unit. This table is a specialist in luxury ping pong table design with the customer customization.

The designer of this ping pong table recommends their customers a supersonic white table with a gray top or wood finish with accent colors like striking orange or vibrant lime green. There are 10 limited editions of black leather and Lucite models are available in this table.

If you want to get this table for your outdoor preference, the teak is dressed with the marine finishes. The playing surface of the ping pong table has a many more features than other ping pong tables. The reclaimed wood models are also available in this ping pong table.