Killerspin JET 800 Paddle Review

best ping pong paddle period!


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Why is the Killerspin Jet800 the best table tennis racket?

Let me just start the review by saying Amber owns this paddle and she loves it! The Killerspin Jet 800 table tennis oar is a top of the line pre-amassed racket intended for the middle of the road to cutting edge players. Of all the Killerspin paddles, this one is the best in my opinion. It’s a greatly prevalent premium racket since it consolidates the brilliant Nitrix-4Z elastic with an ultralight cutting edge that has two carbon layers. I reviewed this racket in my review.

This ITTF-endorsed racked incorporates Killerspin’s top-notch side tape innovation which makes the racket more strong and gives it a pleasant smooth look. The incredible wipe and sharp edge of the JET800 enable you to produce a considerable measure of speed and turn, it’s no big surprise why Killerspin’s top sponsored players, including Olympic Champion Chen Qi and US National Champion Ilija Lupulesku, utilize this racket.


• Has a 7-utilize wood sharp edge, 5 wood layers in addition to 2 carbon layers for expanded power and rivalry level execution

• It’s the lightest, most effective JET-Series racket

• ITTF affirmed, 2.0mm high strain Nitrx-4Z elastic

• Ships with an essential 30-day guarantee

• Killerspin’s Ratings out of 10: Speed 9.5, Spin 9.0, Control 8.0

Quality of Rubber

The JET800 accompanies Killerspin’s renowned Nitrix-4Z elastic that has the benefit of having the capacity to produce a considerable measure of turn, especially on serves and harder shots. While it’s primarily favorable position is having the capacity to create a substantial turn with capable, driving shots, the grippy elastic top-sheet also has some protective solid focuses too. The Nitrix-4z is shockingly sympathetic while accepting high-turn shots and can offer a decent measure of control protectively.

Blade Construction

The highlight of the Killerspin Jet 800 is the nature of the edge. The sharp edge is comprised of 5 additional light wood layers and 2 layers of carbon composite material for a sum of 7 handles. The carbon layers diminish weight while adding a discernible additional unbending nature to the oar expanding its general power. Abnormally, the carbon-cutting edge not just includes more power for hard-hitting, high-turn shots yet it also enables the oar to have a bigger “sweet-spot” enable you to simpler absorb pummels from your rival. The layers of carbon are made with higher exactness, have better uniformity of bob and offer greater inflexibility all through the oar in this way giving you more power, less vibration and for the most part a harder vibe. Despite the fact that the carbon in the Jet 800 is consolidated with 5 layers of wood, it has observably less vibration and feels firm.

Balance and Overall Feel

The general adjust of the Jet 800 is extraordinary and designed specifically to loop and effective top-turn shots. The oar feels exceptionally lightweight however not awkwardly so. Tipping the scales at unequivocally 1.8 ounces, it unquestionably appears like it would feel peculiar in your grasp, yet it somehow feels consummately comfortable. It sits perfectly in your palm and the harmony between the ergonomic handle and the heaviness of the cutting edge is magnificent, you don’t feel the weight being circulated unequally at either end or in any one bearing.

The greatest issue with the Jet 800 is the change time of playing with a harder, more unbending racket that offers so much power. Figuring out how to control this racket can take some time, especially if you’re not used to carbon, but rather once you begin to get the hang of it feels astonishing. However, even subsequent to getting used to this oar you do lose a touch of control in return for the expanded power and turn. It drives you to play somewhat more forcefully than you typically would keeping in mind the end goal to compensate for this (which I believe is something worth being thankful for).


• Blade offers awesome speed and power

• Very great elastic offering extraordinary turn

• Solid development and great feel


• Lacks some control, takes some getting used to

• Somewhat costly


The Jet800 is a premium pre-collected oar that exceeds expectations at improving a player’s forceful hostile amusement while not upsetting their capacity to give back their rivals shots. While it takes away some of your capacity to put the ball unequivocally where you need to, this oar more than compensates for this by giving you a gigantic increment in your capacity to put turn and speed on the ball.

It can require some investment to get used to, yet the modification time frame is well justified, despite all the trouble. In the wake of figuring out how to control this oar, your amusement will be raised to another level and you’ll think about how you at any point played without the Jet 800’s two carbon layers.

Killerspin Jet800 vs STIGA Pro Carbon

This comparison between two well-made table tennis rackets comes up often. Killerspin Jet800 is good for controlled attack while STIGA Pro Carbon with its thick sponge is great for spin.  STIGA Pro Carbon will require some getting used to utilize its full power.  I have reviewed STIGA Pro Carbon here. 

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