How to Clean and Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

How to Clean and Maintain Your Ping Pong Table

Whether you are a professional ping pong player or cast casual player just for fun, you need to take care of your ping pong table to last long. Considering that ping pong tables could go very expensive, it would be a shame if all that goes to waste due to poor maintenance.

Occasionally, ping pong tables can get dirty, and it is very important to clean the surface just so the table would last for eternity.

Why Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Table?

There are some important reasons why you should clean your ping pong table apart from aesthetics. Sometimes, the table can get dirty if you spill your drink or you avoid cleaning the dust over time.

In fact, a dirty ping pong table can affect the game in many ways. Check some of the follow consequences below.

Affect the Game Play

Dusty ping pong table will not allow the ball to bounce and spin correctly, which can seriously affect the gameplay.

Dirt on Your Paddles

With every ball hit from a dirty ping pong table, you are transferring dirt on your ping pong paddles. Dust can seriously affect your paddle and lose its tackiness so you won’t be able to generate as much spin. Additionally, all the dirt will eventually end up on your hand, which can lead to more serious health problems.

Will Not Last Long

A proper maintenance of your ping pong table will increase its life and value for years to come. If you plan to sell your ping pong table, you need to keep it clean just to avoid any kind of damage to the surface or mechanics. Even if you don’t plan to sell it, you can extend its lifetime only by following simple cleaning routines once in a while.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Ping Pong Table?

How much cleaning goes on your ping pong table depends on how often you use it, in what environment, how you store it, and if it is used only for ping pong.

The unwritten rule says that you should clean your table once a week or before every use. It is important that you store your ping pong table covered with a piece of fabric and on a moisture-free place.

Additionally, many people use their ping pong table for playing all kinds of games such as beer pong or as a table for drinks. It is important that you wipe all the liquid as soon as possible, just to avoid damaging the wood.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Ping Pong Table

Your ping pong table has a fragile surface, and any imperfections can seriously affect the gameplay. Here are some things you should avoid when cleaning your ping pong table.

Avoid getting it too wet

Water and moisture are the biggest threats for your ping pong table. Unless you have a ping pong table designed for outdoor use, you should avoid getting too much water throughout the cleaning process. You can easily wipe down all the dust with a cloth and use a slightly moisturized sponge to make the ping pong table shiny.

Avoid using aggressive cleaners

You need to avoid strong chemicals that you can find in your home for cleaning your ping pong table. If you don’t have cleaning products designed for ping pong tables, you should use only water. Strong chemicals can ruin your ping pong table color and damage the surface.

Avoid using hard sponges

You have to clean your ping pong table with the softest cloth you can find in your home. Hard sponges can scratch the surface, remove the color, and possibly even cause imperfections when the ball lands on that spot.

Final Words

These are some of the things you need to know if you want to properly maintain your ping pong table. All of the procedures mentioned above will not take too much of your time, but they will definitely increase the lifetime on your ping pong table.

For the best teams and athletes in the NBA taking care of their gear is essential. It saves money to the team, which would add as a huge expense in the long run. However, professional sports teams do have someone to take care of it.

As you probably don’t you have to do it yourself. So, make sure you follow our guidelines and make your ping pong table shiny at all times.