Mizuno Wave Drive 7 Review

Best Table Tennis Shoes

Mizuno Wave Drive 7 is one of the best ping pong shoes in the market. These are table tennis or ping pong shoes. They are light but hold onto the ground without slipping. And they will last a long time as they are made in Japan. And most importantly, these shoes are worn by many professional players. Including Ma Long and Zhang Jike.  Umm, these are the best players in the world currently.  So you can read this review or rely on the fact that the best players in the world wear these shoes (link below).

Best Table Tennis Shoes

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Why are Mizuno Wave Drive 7 Review the Best Table Tennis Shoes?

These shoes are great quality and offer some key benefits to ping pong players, speed, and flexibility. In terms of product features, these shoes are almost at the ground, which makes them more stable.  For table tennis shoes, one should care about stickiness to ground and light.  Light weight is quite important for quick maneuverability. These shoes have a good amount of padding for this quick twist and turn in the game. They mold around your ankles to give you a good grip on the ground as well flexibility. The shoes also have Dynamotion groove, which gives you great traction. The shoes are also non-leather and have a mesh upper, which is good for breathability and light weight.

Just about everywhere you look, these shoes have perfect reviews.

Here are some comments from actual reviews:

“Extremely comfortable, excellent grip on all surfaces. They are light and will last long. The sole may wear out over time but it will take quite a while. Even if the sole is worn out, the grip is still good unless you play ping pong on hardwood floors. They are used by many professional players. They are not cheap but they are not very expensive either. ”

Lastly, did I mention that they are made in Japan?  So you don’t have to worry about quality.

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