Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

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Most expensive ping pong paddles tend to not to be pre-assembled and combined with the cost of the rubber, they can cost up to $500-$800.  As you may have guessed, the most expensive table tennis racquet we have in mind is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL With Bryce High-Speed Table Tennis Rubber. This setup alone costs $500 and it is the namesake ping pong blade used by one of the most prolific and exciting professional ping pong player: Zhang Jike. He was ranked #1 in ITTF in 2012 (current: #5) and has also beaten the current number one player, Ma Long.  Zhang Jike is the fourth male player in the history of table tennis to achieve a career Grand Slam (accomplished in 2012).

In my view, people likely view him as the greatest for his provocative play. And, therefore his Butterfly paddle is the most expensive ping pong paddle.  If you use this blade, you are likely going to be ten times faster than your previous game and would likely have greater control as well.  If you are very serious about improving your ping pong game and can afford this paddle, I would definitely not settle for anything less.  This is simply the fastest and spin friendly paddle available in the market. Your topspin and backspin should improve this blade as its lighter and faster. This paddle is for an aggressive-minded player who wants to win.  This paddle is not for the occasional recreational player. You can get this paddle on Amazon for the best price.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

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By now you are likely convinced that this is the most expensive paddle on the market but does it have the best quality? For that, check out this buyers review:

I love this Butterfly Zhang Jike blade. I will not be getting rid of this Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC blade anytime soon, and look forward to using it with different rubber combinations. 

Immediately upon practicing with it for the first time, I could feel how it had a hard blade but the extremely soft composition that gave it more power. Compared to things such as the Andro Temper Tech or other all wood blades, the ZLC had more control and power at the spin time. In addition to the soft composition and high spin/power rubber I used, the sweet spot of the paddle was INSANE, and added FURTHER control and power! In addition, the blade’s weight contributed to the power of the paddle. The reason I am not worried about the power is that the throw angle with my high spin rubber resulted in a powerful blade, with lots of spinny, that consistently landed where I wanted it to (even more so than my all wood blades). 

To be completely honest, I didn’t know how I felt about it for the first 30 minutes. I had to change my stroke and stances so I could hit it properly consistently, but once I did, I realized the combination of any rubber with this blade could potentially result in a beast of a blade. Although I would categorize this blade as OFF+ instead of OFF because it is just that powerful, I think it is also well suited for modern defensive players, as well as those who are gentle OFF (not to be mistaken with OFF-) or OFF/OFF+. I believe that this blade could also fit all around players if they use rubbers that focus on control. Really, this blade is a jack of all trades.

The price is really high!!!! Was it worth the price? Yes, but I don’t think to charge $400-600 for this paddle (depending on when what type, rubbers, etc) is fair. 

My review of the most expensive ping pong paddle: Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC

In general, Butterfly makes the most quality and expensive ping pong paddles.  Stiga, Joola, Killerspin, Donic, Cornilleau, and Adidas make good ping pong paddles but they are on the cheaper side. This Super Butterfly blade comes in the gold packet and is very pleasing to the eye. This is a carbon-based racket and is not a wood racket.  This gives it a huge advantage of being super light and super durable. Specifically, the paddle provides the best speed and control of any paddle available in its class. Actually, there are no paddles available in its class as it stands in its own class of the most quality blade ever made.  This blade is Made in Japan. The Super ZL carbon fiber is light and gives you increased speed and it has large surface area. The surface area gives you greater sweet spot in hitting the ball.  The blade size is 157 X 150mm.  The above setup comes with the Bryce high-speed rubber sheet, which is the best in the class sponge for such a blade.  One reviewer had noted the following about this rubber.

“The rubber is the fastest in the butterfly series as said in the butterfly site. Well, because of that, this rubber has little dwell time, but easy blocking. Like it on the BH, Grips the poly ball well and good in close to the table and mid-distance. Away from the table is a bit harder cuz of its medium throw angle.”

In general, expect the ball to bounce well from this tennis bat. Overall, this makes it a great setup for power or attacking player. On table tennis database, this blade has received close to thirty ten out of ten positive reviews. You can also combine this blade with the best forehand and best backhand rubbers.  I think Tenergy 05 is the best forehand rubber while Tenergy 64 is the best backhand rubber. Each of those rubber cost is $100 and so potentially, you can form an ideal blade for $600-$700 total.

Final words on the most expensive ping pong paddle:

One can play ping pong with paddles as cheap as $10 and now you know that you can play ping pong with the paddle which costs $700.  Sometimes, one likes to spend more money to commit themselves to learning the art.  This paddle is not a publicity stunt by Butterfly to get players engaged in the debate of who or what makes a great paddle.  From the reviews we have seen, no one who has bought the paddle regrets having bought it and find it to be the best and most expensive ping pong paddle available in the market. For reference, Butterfly also makes table tennis tables and other equipment. Butterfly Timo Boll is the second most expensive blade available in the market.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

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Check out this YouTube review of the most expensive table tennis paddle from Butterfly itself

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