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best medium cost ping pong paddle

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One can find a very good ping pong paddle under $50.  STIGA Evolution is a premade paddle – under $50 – that the top recreational players use the most.  This paddle has close to 500 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. If you read one of the reviews on popular ping-pong forums, an elite level recreational player discusses his use of STIGA evolution paddle.  By using this paddle, you are likely going to have better control as well as spin and speed.  You are going to hit harder, faster and with more spin. And the ball will have a great bounce off of this table tennis bat.  I would not get a racket below this price as the quality or control will suffer. This racket has close to 500 4.5 star reviews from people who play ping pong recreationally and regularly.  This racket is made by a Swedish professional ping pong equipment company.  This specific paddle has a rubber which is approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).   You can get this racket for under $50 on Amazon right now.


best medium cost ping pong paddle

Click here to see the lowest price on Amazon


If you are still uncertain, check out this testimonial by someone who purchased this paddle for a great price above.

I did my research and found for the money this paddle was one of the best. After using it for weeks it is worth every penny. It took a little time getting used to the touch/control, spin, power it provides over the Stiga True Color I was using. It will change your game!”  


Best Table Tennis Racket under $50: Stiga Evolution Review

The key features of this table include:

  • The price: It’s under $50 (Click here to see the lowest price on Amazon)
  • Performance-Level Ping Pong Paddle
  • This racket weighs only six ounces.
  • It has an open grip.
  • The evolution handle is concave and not anatomic.
  • International Table Tennis Federation has approved its rubber for Tournament play.  This rubber is 2mm in thickness.  From other reviews, we know that one should have at least 2mm thickness for great looping.
  • It features shock dispersion technology. What the heck does that mean?  It absorbs vibrations and transfers vibrations out of the handle resulting in improved speed, control, and feel.  Moreover, firm and tighter bonds in the rubber increase the racket’s speed and spin.  The speed is super important for backhand plays. There are a lot of air holes in the racket, which results in maximum elasticity.  This is critical for looping and control.
  • It’s performance ratings are as follows Speed: 96 Spin: 94 Control: 90
  • As noted it has premium rubber and is wooden. Specifically, it has 2mm Sponge and 6-Ply Light Blade

Overall the Stiga Evolution differs to many other premade ping pong paddles. The Shock absorbers from the racket take some getting used to, however, is effective in its function when you start playing with it regularly. I think the biggest advantage of the racket is the premium rubber, which is absent from rackets which are cheaper than this.  The premium rubber is what makes the racket great. If you have played with cheap rackets, you are going to experience great looping ability because cheaper rackets don’t’ have the necessary air holes to eek out a great spin. Even the Premium rubbers are a step upward concerning spin and speed made out of rackets significance that the Evolution is aimed at players that are trying to move out of the beginner stage and on the level. The purchase price tag of this Evolution isn’t a small one as opposed to many premade rackets available on the

This racket is really made for players who are no longer beginners and are experienced players. Most people who make this upgrade, usually appreciate the upgrade because they can tell the difference between their previous cheaper racket and this one. They can appreciate the extra spin, faster speed, and control.

From my perspective, there are a few key things to consider with this racket.  It is lightweight, which means you can be quite fast or aggressive in play. Because the blade is made by STIGA – a Swedish company – there are no quality issues. The racket gives you a uniform performance from the blade, there are no empty air pockets.  I have noticed some cheaper rackets suffer from that.   The grip for this racket is well made and as I mentioned the racket is light.  So it doesn’t get heavy after one hour of play.  For a higher price, you can get a higher spin quotient and even lighter racket in STIGA pro carbon but that racket costs close to $100.   Effectively, this racket is much higher quality than other pre-made rackets.  As one reviewer said, it comes with a nice shape to the handles, a great rubber sponge, quite an elastic rubber lightweight. You will be able to impart a great deal of spin, play offensively and defensively.

In summary, the STIGA Evolution is the best ping pong paddle under $50.  This is a pre assembled racket. I think it’s much better than other table tennis bats available in the market. It is a quality made paddle which will last you a long time and will offer great speed, spin, and control.  For even lighter pre-made racket you would have to pay $100.  And for a professional paddle, first of all, you would have to assemble it. You would be paying $300 alone for the Donic or the butterfly blade $150 each for forehand table tennis rubber sheet (such as Tenergy 05) and backhand rubber. For other, more expensive pre-assembled racket, with a great backspin, I would consider the Killerspin Jet 800.

best medium cost ping pong paddle

Click here to see the lowest price on Amazon

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