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When you plan for buying a table which is used in the outdoors, it is vital to get the table which is rated for the outdoor play which will resist the warping from the sunlight and moisture. And also it should be able to withstand on the wind condition.

The indoor ping pong tables are known as the mobile tables which have wheels to move, but this feature is no longer on the outdoor table.  The outdoor ping pong tables should have a high resistance power than the indoor tables. Here are some outdoor ping pong tables listed below,

The prince advantage outdoor ping pong table and indoor ping pong table:

The prince advantage ping pong table is made for both indoor ping bong table and outdoor table. It is weather resistance of an outdoor ping pong table and for the playability. Normally it is a table, which can be used anywhere you have a ping pong table.

These features are accomplished with the Prince’s compare technology. This is a technology which uses specially treated high-density wood which resists the water on outdoor tables and provides the real bounce off an indoor table. Most of the users are mentioned that this table held up well in the face of the humanity of a warmer southern state, which is not common for a lot of the wooden products.

The disadvantage of this table is, the leg adjustment system of their table is prone to breakage according to many reviewers. This may be very troubling for the outdoor ping pong table users, who use as a complete level surface which proves hard to find and being able to make those adjustments are integral in working.

Killerspin MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table Tennis Table:

The killerspin’s MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table Tennis Table syndicates their attention to the style with a functional and movable table. The 2 main things which get attention to this outdoor table are its light weight and edgy design.

Because of its lightweight, the MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table Tennis Table is much more movable than the other outdoor tables in the market. The maximum weight of the table is about 145 pounds and each side of this table is separators for easier movements of the table. The playing surface of this table is 1/6 inch thick aluminum and plastic blend, which leads to playing faster and with more spins than the other tables, even if it does not give the expect bounce.

At one go, the weight of the MyT Street Edition Outdoor Table Tennis Table is a drawback to the table. Because the weight of the table seems like more than other outdoor tables, which stores in a shed and take out when you want it Rather than a table can sit outside full time. This table has a high stability power which makes that you want to get put up in the face of storms, even though the frame and surface appear solid enough to take some substantial punishment