Best Table Tennis Rubber for Forehand – Tenergy 05

Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control and Spin

The forehand rubber which is used most frequently by the best ping pong players is the Butterfly Tenergy 05. This rubber is by the very best – Timo Boll, Marcos Freitas, Koki Niwa, Kenta Matsudaira, Liu Shiwen and Adrien Mattenet. All of these players having a fantastic forehand and looping led attacking game. If the top players are using it consistently as their favorite forehand rubber, it makes Tenergy 05 the best table tennis rubber for a forehand in my opinion. You do not become a top player by using an inferior product. If you use this rubber as your forehand rubber, get ready to have a solid top spin along with control in your attacking game. This rubber is best for looping and topspin attack. If that’s your game, you’re going to play phenomenally well with this rubber. This rubber is expensive but it’s worth it. Do not settle for cheaper or inferior product, at the least try out this product if someone you know has it before considering something else. I have often seen players get a cheaper product to come back to Tenergy 05. You can get a cheaper price on Amazon for this product.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control and Spin

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Here is what one reviewer on Megaspin had to say about this rubber: It’s simply the best forehand rubber he has ever used.

“Tenergy is just a fantastic rubber!although the extremely high price makes playing with it an expensive habit there´s nothing to say about how well it works for my offensive playstyle. Tenergy 05 is one of the best forehand rubbers I´ve ever used, possibly the best! If you´re a beginner or a medium-low level player and are still learning your stroke I wouldn´t recommend this rubber, but if you already have a good technique and have 75$ GO FOR IT!!!”

Another reviewer:

Absolutely love it. It’s just a total beast when it comes to looping if you have a good blade perfect forehand rubber.

There are over 170 five star reviews for this rubber from people who play at the intermediate or above level. Let’s face it, if you’re asking for a table tennis rubber you’re an intermediate level player.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review and Features

This rubber is made by Butterfly, a Japanese company which is known for making quality and technically advanced material which the rest of the world is trying to catch up to. This rubber was introduced in 2008. It has Butterfly’s new Spring Sponge technology, which is what gives blades with this rubber an exceptional spin. The spring sponge feels hard but it has built in tension, which gives it the awesome spin. Butterfly’s Tenergy 05 includes this spinny sponge with a tensioned top-sheet with maximum surface grip.

As a result, a player (you!) with a strong attacking game produces massive amounts of spin on serves and topspin attacks. There is no need to use speed glues or tuning with this rubber. And speed glues are not allowed anymore. This is a quality rubber ladies and gentleman. It will hold its features throughout the life without needing any special adhesives.

Speed rating: 130
Spin rating: 115
Density rating: 36

Best Table Tennis Rubbers for Control and Spin

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I hope you see why Butterfly Tenergy 05 is the best table tennis rubber for forehand which likes to attack with topspin and in control. For my review of why Butterfly Tenergy 64 is the best table tennis rubber backhand, check out this article.

Lastly, check out this Google youtube video from Butterfly for this rubber in action.

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Best Ping Pong Rubbers for Spin and Control

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