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The innovators at Table Tennis stalwarts STIGA have come up with yet another revolutionary piece of ping-pong equipment that will surely elevate your game, as we take a closer look at the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon Review. Continuing their reputation for excellence, STIGA has produced the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon tennis table blade especially for the demands of the modern game and is ITTF certified. Expect nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to STIGA, leaders of the ping pong world since 1944.

This elite ping pong paddle from STIGA is an update on their current line of STIGA Allround Classic. With the additions of two new layers of carbon fiber, the blade gives you significantly more stability and control when on the offensive while also delivering more speed. It is very popular among competitive players as it often times gives you that extra edge over your opponents, making your path to victory a whole lot easier!

It is no wonder that STIGA boasts one of the most impressive collections of elite professional table tennis athletes as their endorsers and are the official blade providers for both the Swedish national team and the Chinese national team, among others! If you want to play like the best get the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon now and don’t let your game suffer any further with cheap brands that do not deliver anywhere near the same performance as this blade. For reference, a new comer in this market is Killerspin.

Get it now for this incredibly low offer and continue reading our STIGA Allround Classic Carbon Review to hear about what its most satisfied customers are saying about this fantastic piece of ping-pong equipment.

STIGA Allround Classic Carbon Review – what the players are saying!

This is really good. I love the feeling it gives and the extra speed carbon layers add when required.” ~ Maksym

“very good blade to learn all the strokes. great for the allround players who likes control and consistency” ~ nielsdecuyper

Very good blade with great control for little money. Ideal for an all+ player, who likes to have an active control & knows what he is doing (like me ;-), in my youth an off- player (Mazunov off+, Tamca Gergely) on a national level for years, now age 35, playing for fun.). Perhaps, this blade could also be the trainer’s choice for children, who want to play TT more seriously.” ~

Very controllable but still makes good speed and spin if play with my own impact (not just touch). Very stable in defense. Has good feeling and sound. Large sweet spot rather than just wood layered blades. I am very satisfied with this blade. It’s even cheap as well.”

~ tt….

The people have clearly spoken, and the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon clearly passes with flying colors. Continue reading our STIGA Allround Classic Carbon review to read about the blade’s incredible features.


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Full product specification for the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon Review

With the name STIGA attached to this product, you can be sure that you are getting only the best that you can ask for. Not may table tennis apparel and equipment brand shares the same level of credibility when it comes to its products. STIGA is renowned for using only the finest raw materials in the production of their equipment, and with the end-results hard to argue against, it is clear that this is a standard that is working.

STIGA is almost synonymous with the sport of table tennis itself. It produces everything ping-pong related from; balls, bats, blades, rubbers, tables and nets, and textiles. Their name is recognized all over the world because they also sponsor tournaments all over the world. Their stellar reputation in the ping pong world is a big reason that all equipment produced by STIGA is ITTF approved.

This blade is ideal for the intermediate player who is more focused on improving his already solid game. It boasts additional control with its additional two layers of carbon, for the payer who tends to overhit his shot because of his own power. The STIGA Allround Classic Carbon is designed to harness that power and translate it to a controlled shot that will ensure you never miss the table on a rally-winning smash ever again!

It is designed with premium quality lightweight 5-plywood that not only gives your blade a great look but also allows you to deliver a swift swing of the paddle with relative ease. This product is an update on the STIGA Allround Classic line, giving the already impressive blade added control and stability making it a very consistent piece of table tennis equipment. The blade is also designed in the classic STIGA design, ensuring that you stand out among your foes not only for your skills but for the beautiful piece of art in your hand.

The following is a further breakdown of the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon’s characteristics:

  • CONTROL: 78 SPEED: 73
  • VENEER:5+2
  • TYPE: ALL+

Concluding the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon Review

The makers at STIGA did not disappoint as we have seen in this STIGA Allround Classic Carbon review. The table tennis blade STIGA Allround Classic Carbon elevates your game to heights you have never reached before. This blade will surely make you play like one of the brand’s elite superstar table tennis players. STIGA’s 73 tenure at the top of the tennis table world will convince you to never buy any other table tennis brand again.

If you’re looking to harness your God-given talents on the ping pong tables with the right equipment then this product is absolutely for you. STIGA”s penchant for combining functionality and aesthetics is one of the main reasons they have been around for so long and the STIGA Allround Classic Carbon is further evidence of that. Get the blade that your table tennis game has been longing for with this incredibly low offer on Amazon!


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