STIGA Rosewood NCT V Review


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People cannot stop raving about industry giant’s STIGA Rosewood NCT V. Rightfully so, as we take a closer look at this game changer of a blade with this STIGA Rosewood NCT V Review. There are many blades available out there but none that are close to the standards that the table tennis giants STIGA produce. This blade is ideal for the aggressive player looking to harness that power with the proper control. STIGA Rosewood NCT V does just that as it provides the player a faster racket speed with a long trajectory. STIGA’s NCT technology combined with the aesthetic and practical beauty of Rosewood makes for the perfect table tennis blade that will make every player a pro!

There are many other blades out there but none of them come close to the quality you get when you get a STIGA. If you needed more credibility surrounding this brand, perhaps it will help to know that this brand is the official blade supplier of the arguably two of the world’s leading nations in the sport of table tennis; China and Sweden. So why risk buying from a cheaper brand that might prove detrimental to your table tennis game, when you can be buying from where the best in the business buy! Need more proof? Say no more! Former Men’s world number 1 and current number 2 in the ITTF official rankings Fan Zhendong is part of team STIGA and is a user of this product as well as current men’s world number 3 Xu Xin, women’s world number 2 Zhu Yuling and women’s world number 3 Chen Meng among a host of other international table tennis stars. Follow this link to the lowest price of this model on Amazon! Still, need convincing? Take it from our very satisfied customers themselves!

STIGA ROSEWOOD NCT V and why our customers think it’s the best blade out there!

Here are a just a couple of testimonials from our satisfied customers to get you excited before we talk about the product features!

It’s the most beautiful blade I’ve ever had. Love the rosewood textures. Much better control comparing to my current carbon blade, but without losing much speed

Unbelievable blade. Dwell time is amazing. Great for looping. So much control. Blocking is effortless. When a power loop is applied, this blade moves the ball quickly with a lot of spin. The conclusion is that this blade can do it all. Not super fast so that you can deliver the speed and spin that you want to. But when speed is needed, this blade delivers.”

If we didn’t convince you this is the blade for you then I hope our satisfied customers have! Continue reading to read more about the features that set apart this blade!



CLICK here to see detailed reviews and find the lowest price on Amazon

Product specification review of STIGA ROSEWOOD NCT

The name STIGA is a giant in the table tennis world. You only need to hear the brand’s name once to know that you are dealing with elite level quality of equipment. STIGA is a global company hailing from Sweden and has been the world’s leading manufacturer of table tennis blades for over 70 years! STIGA produces all different kinds of top quality table tennis equipment by selecting only premium quality raw materials and because they are at the forefront when it comes to researching new technology for their equipment and also new manufacturing technologies. Not to mention the amount of experience the brand has earned through being in the business for more than half a century, makes them arguably the most recognizable name in all of table tennis. All the knowledge STIGA has accumulated in those 70 years translates to every minute detail they put into their products ensuring that you only get the best!

This insistence on using only the finest material and manufacturing technology is evident in the product’s first feature which is its thin and offensive 5-ply blade especially built for the modern demands of the game. This blade is recommended for those looking to take their table tennis game up a notch and is ideal for the offensive player who demands speed combined with control. A lot of other blades out there often settle for sacrificing speed for more control or vice-versa, but with STIGA Rosewood NCT V, you have yourself a blade possessing the perfect balance.

Another feature of this elite blade is its exceptional balance of speed, weight, control, and trajectory. The blade’s ability to give you speed and a long trajectory mean you can aggressively fire of smash after smash after smash! It gives you much better control than a carbon fiber blade without losing much speed at all! Not to mention, it sure is pretty! STIGA’s penchant for the aesthetics means that you get beautifully hand-selected Rosewood veneers of the highest quality. This means that every time you are on the table tennis courts, you have the most beautiful blades out of everyone. Not only is it beautiful but you will find that the weight of the rosewood beautifully compliments the rest of its features.

Here is a further break down of the blade’s characteristics;


SPEED: 113





If you are looking to take your table tennis game to the next level, STIGA ROSEWOOD NCT V is clearly the blade for you. This blade is relatively cheap online however STIGA’s stature as an elite-level equipment supplier, means that every penny spent on this blade is worth it. You may find cheaper blades out there, however, it will no doubt pale in comparison to STIGA ROSEWOOD NCT V. Its this superior quality that has made STIGA the official blade provider for table tennis elites, Sweden and China. STIGA has been one of the world’s leading table tennis equipment manufacturers in the world for over 70 years and it is their stellar quality that has kept them at the top. With the STIGA ROSEWOOD NCT V once again STIGA has pushed it to whole other level. So what are you waiting for, get yours now here!



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