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ST3100 Master Series Review

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This is a STIGA Master Series review. ST3100 is one of the best indoor recreational ping pong tables available in the market. Did I mention that the ST3100 has a playback option, so you can play versus yourself by raising the 2nd half (more on this later…). This is a regulation size table and comes with one year warranty. There are over 500 4.5x reviews of this product on Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods. This means that all of the recreational players are impressed with the quality and the durability of this table. Stiga – the Swedish company- is known to make quality ping pong equipment.

This is what one reviewer had to say about the quality of this table:  “I would like to say thank you to the Manufacturer for a quality table and for the tremendous quality control that was put into this table. Being a machinist for 40 plus years, I appreciate things being exact. Not a hole out of place and everything needed was in the box, in perfect condition. ”  The ST3100 costs under $500. Sure, you can find other cheaper tables but none of them will match the quality of this Swiss made table from Stiga.  And sending back a behemoth like this is not fun, even though you can return it pretty conveniently through Amazon.   You can get the best price and a detailed review of this table here.



Stiga Master Series Review

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What people who bought are saying?

For reference below, I have included five reviews from recreational players who have bought the ST3100 table from Stiga.

“We bought the ST3100 3 years ago for our game room. We have had a lot of fun playing friends and family tournaments and the table has held up perfectly. When our daughter bought a new and bigger house a couple months ago, we bought one for her kids because they had so much fun playing at our house. When we visited last week, the kids were in their new game room playing ping-pong with their friends.”

“Playability: This table has very nice playability. The bounces are true and the surface of the table is smooth. I also love that you can fold one side up and practice by yourself, Quality: Top notch quality table. The best that I’ve personally ever played on (admittedly I’m a casual player). Aesthetics: This table looks as great as it plays. I like the red accents on the legs. Assembly: Unfortunately, assembly took longer than I would’ve hoped. It is also super heavy in the box so be aware of that. Overall though, this is a great table and I would certainly recommend it.”

Yet another reviewer said the following about the quality of the table. It’s a sturdy table.  This makes it great quality. Though they are not surprised that Stiga makes such a durable table.  Also, they noted that directions were easy to follow and that their 9-year and 12-year old son were able to put the Stiga stable together very quickly.  Stiga’s reputation is top in the industry.

As stated, the ST3100 has close to two thousand five star reviews.  That’s a lot of positive feedback for this table.  This table has two piece design.  If you own a standard table, it’s likely taking up a lot of space.  The table will not take a lot of space because of the two-piece design and will make it incredibly easier to put it away.  We discuss this feature and more in the next section.

In general, the above reviews are very good.   I own ST3100 and my experience has been exceptional. I usually don’t write but after a lot of analysis and reading various reviews, I bought Stiga for my family.  It took about one week for the table to arrive.  This is not surprising given that the table is very heavy. When assembly, you need to bring the table to a clear area where you will be putting the table. Make sure you measure your room or your space before buying this table.  The table size is 108 inches (length) X 60 inches (width) X 30 inches (height). 

The only thing you have to do is put the casters on. This is the key.  When you have them on, it’s very easy to move the table around and you can even fold it to play against yourself.  You can even adjust the feet level, so if your room is uneven, this makes it a breeze to keep this Stiga table leveled.  You can quite easily install and take off the net. If you are playing beer pong or some other games, this is quite useful, in my opinion.

While assembling the ST 3100, the instructions were super clear. I think the table delivery was done well.  I didn’t see any scuffs or scratches anywhere. I called Amazon to thank them on great delivery of the product and left good reviews on both Amazon and on the Stiga website. If you got the ST3100, it will last you a lifetime and you will be passing it on to your heirs. 

What are the key features?

First, check out how good the ST3100 looks above?  And in this case looks do not lie; this table looks good and has even better quality! The ball bounces off very well from the ST3100.  Also, the two key features you need to know about this table are the playback option.  In the picture below, you can see that you can play against yourself.  The 2nd key feature of this table is that there is a storage area (on both sides), where you can hold up to 24 ping pong balls.



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The Stiga Master Series ST3100 features an integrated ball storage apron that holds 12 balls per side and includes a net and post system. Playback capabilities allow you to hone your technique and store the table compactly.

A review of the features and assembly requirements

  • Table Tennis Table Size: Play position: 108″ (9ft) x 60″ (5ft) x 30″
  • Hours of fun
  • Quality you can’t beat
  • Stiga’s Price: Under $500
  • Amazing playing surface
  • This is intended for indoor use
  • We have got storage for the ping pong balls in this table. We can hold 24 balls in this table, 12 per side.
  • Sturdy-link chassis with smooth and durable silk screened striping
  • ¾” top
  • Includes net and post system
  • 3″ inch casters
  • 2″ inch apron
  • 2″ inch legs
  • Playback position (1 side in storage position and 1 side in play position): 60″ x 68″ x 62″
  • Storage position: 60″ x 30″ x 62″
  • Packaging Dimensions: 62.5″ x 56.50″ x 5.0″
  • Packaging Weight: 208 pounds

A summary of Stiga ST3100 Table Features

Perhaps the bad part of the assembly process for the ST3100 is removing the table from the box because Stiga’s quality build makes it a heavy table. Be very careful removing it from the box because the heavy staples used to keep the box together can easily scratch the playing surface or frame. Ideally, you should have two people to assemble this table.  Actually, you need only one person but two people can help raise the table up. There are many loose nuts and bolts that need to be sorted before being used.  The assembly process is probably the biggest downside of the ST3100, the good part is that this only needs to be performed once. Clearly, the people who have reviewed it gave it five stars despite the tougher process of putting the ST3100 together.  This is because they know quality takes time to put together. 

The best part about Stiga’s ST3100 is that you can buy it at a great price – like well under $500. Most other tables of this quality easily cost over $1000.  The quality of the top of the table and the sturdiness of the frame are just not qualities you see in a table in this price range. 

Here is a review of the Warranty Language

The Stiga ST3100 is warranted to the original consumer purchase period of one (1) year from the original.

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I hope you enjoyed this Stiga ST3100 master series reviewThis is the most quality recreational table for the price one can buy.   You may find this STIGA sponsored Google youtube review of this st3100 useful.

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