Tenergy 64 Weight

Tenergy 64 is the fastest  and lightest rubber of the TENERGY family.  It has a weight of 47 grams.  This is why I like this rubber a lot.  It is a feather weight. We discuss details below.


Tenergy 64 Weight is 47 grams

  • Control: average (8.9).
  • Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
  • Weight: medium heavy (47g, 0.232g/cm^2).
  • Sponge hardness: medium (49/36).

The Tenergy 64 weight  is due to the advancement code of the pimples utilized in creating this turned around elastic. It has a pleasant vibe to it. Incredible speed, turn and control for such a quick elastic. Spring Sponge Technology is created by the one of a kind organization of air rises inside the wipe and the meager pimples of the profoundly adaptable surface, empower dynamic topspin play with overwhelming pivot. We also review Tenergy 64 which is a great backhand rubber. We also review butterfly dignics.

Fueled by Spring Sponge Technology and with more separation between the pimples, Tenergy 64 is the quickest of the Tenergy 64 weight rubbers and it offers greater adaptability and a gentler touch, empowering amazing and exact assaulting strokes from mid separation. With the most speed among the Tenergy rubbers, Tenergy 64 is a definitive assaulting elastic. Inside the Tenergy Family of rubbers, all styles of play can profit from this new innovation. This elastic has a great deal of speed. A great elastic. This elastic is really touchy to turns and doesn’t deliver a decent turn serve. I truly love this elastic since it produces a monstrous measure of speed and turn and gives a general solace. Feel medium delicate, quick with a lower toss. Not all that spinny. Concentrate on direct quick stroke assault forehand and flick backhand. Significant expense tag, not strong. However, there is no elastic that will be the same like this.

I am an amateur player and did not have a training, so my technique is full of defects and improper “manas” of a trained player. I come from a Tenergy 80 which I used for 4 years and when the change is made the difference is noticeable. Sure, my old rubber was old and finished, but I’m still amazed at the ease with which my revs return everything that hits me at the impressive speed that tenergy 64 weight offers.

By tenergy you mean the 05 right in light of the fact that the 64 is lighter than the 05, on the grounds that they have less pips in it. Weight is likewise one of the focuses to be considered for a grade school kid. Consequently, I chose the TENERGY 64 weight for his forehand. I realize that for the blades present, weight can influence the vibe of shots, however can the … I for one pick lighter Tenergy 64 on the grounds that they are gentler

64 is the improvement code of the pimples utilized in delivering this turned around elastic. The pimples are spread further separated than the pimples of Tenergy 05,The pimples are spread further separated than the pimples of Tenergy 05, giving a gentler inclination and more control ready. It is particularly viable from mid-separation. Tenergy 64 is quick elastic with a high toss, requiring even less exertion to get great speed, and in spite of the fact that the turn is still high it’s not as high as the 05 and how precisely this was done is an extraordinary improvement coming here with tenergy 64 weight. Most players have an inclination for a specific weight on structure of their table tennis bat. Tenergy 64 weight included and structured explicitly is the perfect balance between turn and speed