Things to consider when you are buying folding ping pong table

Folded Ping Pont table

The ping pong table is for spending time with your family, neighbours and your friends. By using the ping table you can play a game which brings off the different age and skilled people together in a fun which is a captive activity.

When we go for consider the potential expenses of the ping pong table, then it is important to go throw the needed information about the ping pong table as soon as possible. The ping pong table has two different varieties which are known as indoor table and outdoor table.

Once you determine to buy a ping-pong table that may be indoor table or outdoor table, you need to consider the following factors,

  • Playing Space
  • Collapsibility
  • Experience
  • Affordability
  • Table Specifications

Playing Space:

The first most important factor to consider when you go for buying a ping-pong table is, where you are going to put it. The common measurements of this table are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 2 and ½ feet length. In addition to this the extending net with another six inches past on both sides of the table and 6 inches above the table.

To get a comfortable play experience we suggest you have at least 5 feet at each end of the table and 3 feet behind to each side of the open space to the ping pong table. When you do not mind with the bumping into the walls and furniture, then you can work with a smaller space within the reason.


One of the other aspects of the playing space is, are you want the table permanently or you want the table on open.  Mostly the people will not be able to offer a room to a full-time ping pong table. So that the ping pong table must able to collapse to get it out of the way according to your convenience which is most appreciated by the customers.

The folding ping pong table is mostly liked by the players, which gives more comfortableness for its users.


When you go about buying a new ping pong table, you must also consider the experience of playing the game and other players you have. If you just begin your play out or if you have a lot of novice players, there is a chance for you will not get a higher end table beyond its quality construction with durability

Sometimes the ping pong table may be cost a lot, but will not give a high performance like some of the longer and cheaper tables. To find the quality table you must need an experience in this field. When you’re a purchase the ping pong table for a community room or for an office, then obviously you will need to consider about the durability of the table over the performance of the table. Generally, the people will not take as good care of the items in the common places as like the own making sturdier table which may get more care than those tables in the office.