Tips to succeed in Table tennis:


In table tennis or ping pong, the key to success is the player’s mentality, since even if we have a well-worked technique, we will not achieve anything unless we are psychologically prepared.

With the tips for playing ping pong we can progressively obtain good results when playing table tennis psychologically. Concentration will be focused on the ball and especially at the moment of impact, positively reinforcing each success we achieve.

The following tennis tips will help us succeed at table tennis and improve at the sport.

  • Learn to stay calm.
  • This sport, you need to play in a relaxed way, so that your nerves can’t beat you.
  • Playing calmly will help you play better at crucial moments in a game and can also help reduce the occurrence of injuries.
  • Train the serve.
  • The serve or service is one of the key factors during a match, since it allows you to take the initiative of the point, so it must be practiced in each training session.
  • Train your punches.
  • Like the serve or serve, it is also necessary to practice the different strokes, which can be performed. The hits with effect, (top spin, black spin and side spin), blocks, finishes and the loop or loop flip. To learn a stroke, you must practice it, until you do it automatically.
  • Always prefer one of the best table tennis racket to improve your skills and technique.
  • Stretch before and after each game. Despite looking like a sport, in which physical effort is not made, as in other sports, it is important to stretch, before and after games and training sessions, to reduce the appearance of possible injuries.
  • Use the correct play equipment. To become a great player, you need the best equipment. The most important and the one that you have to pay attention to the most is the ping pong paddle, since it has to adapt to your style of play. In addition, if you want also practice at home, should look a good table, ping – pong interior, which has similar characteristics to those used in tournaments or championships.
  • Practice your leg and foot movements. During a game, many horizontal and vertical movements are made, behind the table tennis table, so you must improve your foot and footwork, to be able to move quickly.
  • Play with different rivals. It’s okay to always have a partner to play with, but you should try to find rivals with different styles of play. This will prepare you, to face any rival.
  • Study your opponents. When you are playing a tournament or championship and you meet your next opponent, you should try to analyze their playing style, strokes, weaknesses, etc.
  • Play smart. Choosing the right shot and at the right time can win you many games, but to do so, you need to play smart. You have to set a game strategy, concentrating on the ping pong ball and learning from mistakes.
  • Set yourself some long-term goals. Table tennis is a sport, in which it takes a long period to become a great player, since it is always improving and learning.
  • Spend the time that is necessary, to serve or serve, try not to anticipate and that the table tennis ball does not get out of control. If you want a great effect, you can hit the farthest part of the handle, if you prefer less effect, you should almost hit the handle.
  • Pay attention to the position of the knees. They have to be flexed so that the vision of the ping pong ball and the line of the arm are coordinated.
  • You never have to let your guard down while the ping pong ball is officially in play.
  • Look for the spin, which carries the ping pong ball.
  • It is important to look at the opponent’s ping pong paddle as the ping pong ball hits.
  • Train with opponents, who have different play styles, and even with left-handed opponent. In this way, you will achieve a well-developed technique and improve balance.
  • Play in the most relaxed way possible, this will make you more focused, during the game and in the face of possible stressful situations, in addition to helping you avoid injuries.
  • See the more you can the better. If you spend your free time watching table tennis videos, your own recordings and those of other players, you will be able to study wrist movements and touches that will make you see the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of play.
  • Always use your own ping pong paddle, depending on your game characteristics and level. It must be cared for, protected and stored in a cover, when it is not going to be used, to keep it in perfect condition for sports competitions. Train your punches, until they are automatic.
  • When you learn a new hit or effect, you have to make your mind know how to translate it perfectly to your hand and with it to the table tennis paddle and the table tennis ball, so you must train repeatedly, until that skill, be executed without thinking.


Conclusion: In addition, we will learn from mistakes and encourage good humor to avoid aggressive situations. We will never take the game as a fight but as a moment of enjoyment without thinking about the result. As you may have seen, I have shared several tips and advice to become better table tennis player and show your professionals, elite or high performance. If you pay attention and put into practice each tip and advice, you will be closer to the ideal players, who you dream of being, to be someone in this sport and a reference or sports model, for the new generations.