Where to Buy a Ping Pong Table?

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So you’re wondering, where to buy a ping pong table? There are other choices but the right answer is Amazon.  Almost all major table tennis brands – Such as Joola, STIGA, Killerspin, Butterfly- are available on Amazon.  Yes, you can buy stuff at specialty stores such as Megaspin or Paddle Palace.  But I would only go there if you are looking for something that’s not available on Amazon.  Prices are almost definitely cheaper on Amazon than on specialty stores.  And I assume most people have an Amazon account already.

Five places where you can buy table tennis tables

Here are the plus and minus points of each place.

As I noted,  has pretty much all popular ping pong tables for sale. You can find JOOLA, STIGA, Killerspin and butterfly tables on there.  I have listed my review of best ping pong tables on Amazon here.  As a simple experiment, I compared the price of this very popular table among the stores a. This table has 2700 4.5 stars review on Amazon.  So you can say it’s quite popular and highly recommended.

Approximate price of the table on various sites listed above (as of Sunday, August 13, 2017 9PM Eastern time).

Amazon: ~$380

Megaspin: ~ $450

Paddle Palace:  NA, professional version of this table is available for about $1500

Dick’s Sporting goods: ~$350

Ebay: ~ $430

So above you can see that this particular table Dick’s Sporting Goods wins out.  Interestingly, Dick’s offers free shipping as well.  But if you have Amazon Prime, you’re likely to get your table faster.  I was hoping that eBay would get you a cheaper price for a used table.  But this was not available at the moment.  But I would definitely check both Amazon and Dick’s sporting goods for your Ping Pong Table purchase.

Mega Spin and Paddle Place

The plus points about these specialty stores are the value in the reviews.  I have found that the reviews on Amazon are generally dominated by beginners or intermediates at best.  But reviews on Megaspin and Paddle Palace are typically written by intermediate and above type of players.  Thus, if for nothing else I would check out ping pong table reviews on Mega Spin and Paddle Palace.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Clearly, in the list above, Dick’s sporting goods won the price war.  So I would suggest checking out Dick’s sporting goods as they have better prices than Amazon.  And if convenience and shipping time is not an issue, I would definitely buy on Dick’s sporting goods.  That being said, I think Amazon has more and different variety of tables available than Dick’s sporting goods.


On E-bay, one can get used ping pong tables. For example, on E-Bay, a STIGA (great condition used table) is available for only $65.  The only draw back is that the buyer has to pick-up the table. This table costs normally $500.  So you are getting it at a steep discount.  If you paid someone $150 to ship/move it for you.  It’s still a great deal in my opinion.

I hope you liked this list and review of places to buy ping pong tables.

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