Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review

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It’s time to examine the blade used by the athlete who is largely considered as the best table tennis player of all time, the great Ma Lin of China, in this Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review. The Yasaka Ma Lin table tennis blade is the latest innovation from ping pong equipment pioneers Yasaka. Yasaka was founded almsot immediately after the SEcond World war in 1947, making it an extraordinary 70 years in the table tennis industry. This amount of experience shows in the products they produce.

Yasaka originally started out as makers of the world’s best table tennis rubbers. They pioneered the innovations in rubber production for table tennis and with their success, they eventually expanded to produce all different kinds of table tennis equipment such as Rubbers, Bats, Blades, Apparel, Table & nets, and other ping pong accessories. Their 70 years of industry experience makes them a bastion of knowledge when it comes to producing the best quality products.

This is especially important in the fine art of blade production. Its the knowledge that has been passed on from generations of success that has led to this historic company to perfect the art of blade making. It is no wonder that former ITTF World Number 1, Ma Lin would not trust his game with any other equipment brand. It is this blade that Ma Lin used on his way to capturing the Olympic Grand Slam, winning the gold in men’s singles, doubles, and team events, becoming the only player to ever do so.

This blade is the weapon of choice by one of the deadliest paddlers ever to make his presence known around the table tennis table. The Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon, CS Handle (J.T.T.A. Version) will elevate your game beyond your expectations and it is available now in this incredibly low offer on Amazon. Continue reading our Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review to learn about the blade’s users are saying about it.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review – What the players are saying.

Nice blade for all round play, loops are good I use Joola express II on backhand and coppa on forehand overall good for players transforming from intermidate play to serious play.”

~Tyler http://www.tabletennisdb.com/blade/yasaka-ma-lin-carbon.html

“When I was playing in France I saw quite a few top French players playing with the ma lin carbon. It is a good weapon of choice if your looking for a fast blade that still offers good feeling along with the carbon characteristics. I found that the carbon gave it a nice crisp feeling when I was looping and was quite durable so I would get similar results after each stroke. The feel of the blade also means that you get good control so is good for touch play and effective counter looping.

Overall a very nice blade, if you are looking for a fast carbon that offers good feeling this would be a good choice or if you prefer a softer carbon feel, try the ma lin carbon soft.”

~Ripper https://www.tabletennisdaily.com/equipment/blades/9716-ma-lin-carbon

Fast, thin, reliable, smashings are great. It’s also light and you can really feel the ball on the blade.”


Get your Yasaka Ma Lin now and emulate one of the best to ever play the sport of table tennis and raise your game to legendary status. Continue reading our Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review for the full product specification.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review

Click here for full product description and find the lowest price on Amazon.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review – Full Product Specification

One only needs to hear this blades’ brand to solidify its status as a top-tier pingpong paddle. Yasaka has famously been known for finding the perfect blend between aesthetics and performance. Their blades and paddles are always known to be built with perfect precision, a trait required to produce the perfect blade. You ask any pro table tennis player and they will tell you that the “feel” of a blade is the trait they look for. Through Yasaka’s 70 years of experience, it has perfected the art of developing the perfect “feel” for table tennis blades.

This is why throughout his career, Ma Lin has always used Yasaka blades. Yasaka’s reputation of fine craftsmanship is what sets them apart from their competition. The art of blade making is a delicate craft that requires the ability to optimize the wood being used without losing much of its intricate properties, an art that Yasaka has perfected. After enjoying a great deal of success with Yasaka blades, the legendary Ma Lin teamed up with Yasaka to engineer and produce what would be Ma Lin’s deadliest weapon yet.

Ma Lin’s influence on the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon blade is evident right from the grip. The grip is specially engineered to suit Lin’s signature Chinese Pengrip. Yasaka’s engineers and technicians also ensured that the blade produces the minimal of vibrations by using only the highest quality of wood. This wood is then sophisticatedly combined with the carbon, producing a masterpiece of a blade. The blade gives you impressive speed while delivering it with exquisite control perfect for the offensive intermediate player looking to up their game.

Besides the blade being quite pleasing to the eye already, Yasaka adorned the Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon paddle with Ma Lin;s signature as well as the Japanese Table Tennis Association (JTTA) logo stamped on the handle, giving the blade a stamp of approval. Here is a summary of the blade’s characteristics:

  • Best Seller Table Tennis Blade from YASAKA JAPAN
  • Weight 88 g
  • Speed: 93 Control: 75
  • Chinese Penhold Handle
  • Premium quality with J.T.T.A Logo stamped on the handle.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review – Our verdict!

It is a rare opportunity to wield such an iconic and powerful blade such as what Yasaka has produced as we have seen in this Yaska Ma Lin Carbon review. The makers at Yamaha combined with Ma Lin’s priceless input from his record-setting performances meant that this blade is loaded with quality. The blade’s physical beauty is matched only by its incredible performance. This blade has the potential to discover the next Ma Lin.

Yasaka’s sophisticated technology allows them to perfectly combine the premium quality wood with carbon, producing one of the most well-balanced blades in the market. Its grip is specially designed for Ma Lin’s signature Pengrip that has been emulated by fans all over the world. With the legendary Ma Lin’s signature enshrined on the blade, this blade will give you a chance to own a piece of history.

As we can see from this Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review, this blade is clearly on an elite level of quality. Yasaka’s fine craftsmanship and history of success proved to be a deadly combination with the first-hand knowledge that Ma Lin was able to provide. This blade will surely transform your game almost immediately and unlock your inner Ma Lin. Get it now in this incredibly low offer on Amazon.

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review

Click here for full product description and find the lowest price on Amazon.


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Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Review


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